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In A Map of Humanity the acclaimed short story writer, Steve Carr, who has had over 580 stories published worldwide since 2016, gives you 51 contemporary stories that shed light on the human condition. From comedy to tragedy, the adventurous to the spiritual, Steve's map takes you on journeys that will stir your emotions and excite your senses. With tales set in India, Thailand, China, Japan, Australia, Uganda, Tahiti, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, the US and UK, and other nations big and small, in cities and in farmlands, Steve invites you to explore with him the diversity of life seen through the prisms of joy and misery of individuals in their native habitats or as international travelers. The stories are told in a variety of styles so that you don't grow weary from one way to travel. There's no right or wrong place to begin reading the stories as you circle the globe, just open the book and chart your own map.

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