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This is a list of the publications that have published my stories and the titles of the stories sinc

Literally Stories “Eleanor”

Sick Lit Magazine “The Tale of the Costume Maker”

Door is a Jar “The Memory of Vision”

SickLit Mag “The Tale of the Cabbage Patch”

Flame Tree Publishing (Dystopia/Utopia Anthology) “The Festival of the Cull”

Viewfinder Magazine “An Olfactory Life”

Horror Sleaze Trash “Moon of the Forgotten”

Fantasia Divinity Princess Anthology “The Twelve Dancing Princesses”

Fictive Dream “The Missouri River Story”

50 Word Stories “Night Noises”

Centum Press (100 Voices Volume 3) “The Old Chapel Road Story”

Short Tale 100 “Mothering”

Centum Press (100 voices Vol. II) “A Decent Man”

The Spotty Mirror “Point A”

CultureCult Magazine “Opulence”

Temptation Magazine “Paradise Found”

Visitant Literary Journal “The Longhorn Creek Story”

The Wagon Magazine “The Crack Up”

Infernal Ink “Under the Trees”

Tiger Shark “Ants”

Double Feature “Amoeboid”

Sick Lit Magazine “Amelia Flew Home”

Fictive Dream “The Citrus Thief”

Fantasia Divinity Publications “The Tale of the Singing Snow Witch”

Ricky's Back Yard “Tenderloin”

Bento Box “Artifacts”

NoiseMedium “The Terrible Secret Game”

Chronicle “The Buffalo Runner”

Zimbell House Publishing: The Neighbors anthology “The Gardeners”

The Drunken Llama “Oh, Nereus”

Fictive Dream “The Island of Women”

67 Anthology “The Wind River Story”

Inane Pure Slush Vol. 14 “Trash”

MASHED: Culinary Tales of Erotic Horror Anthology “Sauce”

Ricky's Back Yard “Magically Appearing Potatoes”

Communicators League “Landscape With Frogs”

Jakob's Horror Box “Goodnight Forever”

Panorama Journal “Looking for Joe”

The Wagon Magazine “A Mother's Rites”

Midnight Circus “La Primavera”

Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine “The Snake River Haunting”

Communicators League “Men in Trees”

The Haunted Traveler “The Dissociative Effect”

Fixional “A Woman of the Arts”

The Gathering Storm Magazine “Hunting Bunnies”

Rhetoric Askew “Men in Boxcars”

Wilde Stories 2017 (Lethe Press) “The Tale of the Costume Maker”

Trigger Warnings “Night Heat”

Night to Dawn “Catacombs of the Doomed”

Zimbell House Publishing “Sing Me a River”

Zimbell House Publishing “The Sweetwater River Story”

Not Your Mother's Breast Milk “Dancing on the Boardwalk”

Communicators League “The Platte River Story”

Aphotic Realm “If A Ghost Comes Knocking”

Bull & Cross “Once A Fine Notion”

The Dirty Pool “Heat”

Thrice Fiction “The Tale of Talker Knock”

Story and Grit “The Stew Pot”

Thousandonestories “A Town Called Wasta”

Communicators League “All the Flickering Shadows”

Occulum “Stay Out of the Attic”

Fictive Dream “Noise”

Aether and Ichor “When Wizards Sing”

4StarStories “The Pools of Nereus”

Tuck Magazine “Dining at the Mausoleum”

Zimbell House: After Effects Anthology “Washed Away”

Ariel Chart “Sing Me a River”

Truth Serum,Wiser Anthology “The Big Mouth”

Lunaris Review “The Snow Mother”

Trembling With Fear “Portrait in Blood”

Boned: A Collection of Skeletal Writing “Clickety Clack: A Love Story

Bull & Cross “Lonesome Prairie”

The Horror Zine “The Express”

Hot Tub Astronaut “The Star Counter”

Ariel Chart “Pursued”

Kristell Ink Holding on by our Fingertips anthology “Countdown”

Ordinary Madness “Barstow Requeum”

SickLit Magazine “Sand”

A Thousand and One Stories “Under the Yaquina Bay Bridge”

Ricky's Back Yard “The Docks”

Literary Hatchet “If A Ghost Comes Knocking”

The Serving House Journal “The Shoe Tree Incident”

Near to the Knuckle “The Saguaro Two Step”

Ripcord “The Tinsel Kingdom”

Varnish Journal “The Apple Pickers”

Yalobusha Review “Men in Mines”

Clarendon House Books “The Upsandowns

Cadaverous Magazine “Strange Water”

Blue Fifth Review “Tessie's New Cart”

Black Heart Magazine “Death and Ice Cream”

Jakob's Horror Box “The King of Kitchen Street”

Fictive Dream “Breadth of Knowledge”

Linden Avenue Literary Journal “Airborne”

Storyland Literary Review Magazine “Sundays at the Zoo”

Communicators League “Women in Hats”

Tessellate Magazine “The Citrus Thief”

The Airgonaut “Girl in a Mason Jar”

Jokes Review “Amelia Flew Home”

Rhetoric Askew Fantasy/Megapunk edition) “Talker Knock and the Veiled Genie”

Lycan Valley Press (Pulp Horror Book of Phobias Vol. 2) “The Peter Problem”

Two Sisters Publishing “Paper Mache Man”

Tuck Magazine “The Empaths”

Pure Slush (Happy theme): “Marge”

Your One Phone Call “Hard Knocks”

Furtive Dalliance Literary Review “Lisa”

New Reader Magazine “Midnight at the St. Lazare Station”

The Galway Review “Sing Me a River”

DeadSteam Anthology “Greta Somerset”

Stinkwaves Magzine “The Tale of the Red Lantern”

Barking Sycamores “Dreams in a Hothouse”

Bewildering Stories “Round and Round”

Bull & Cross “Boxcars

Stinkwaves Magazine “The Kingdom and The Horse”

Soft Cartel “Machiavelli Jones”

Quail Bell Magazine “Mr. Bingo's Ice Cream Shoppe”

1932 Quarterly “The Citrus Thief”

Fantasia Divinity (Dreams Come True Anthology) “The Twelve Dancing Princesses”

Ricky's Back Yard “Identity Crisis”

Dodging The Rain “The Last Shop in Europe”

Ricky's Back Yard “The Devolvement”

Fear of Monkeys “Identity Crisis”

Locust Magazine “Free as a Bird”

Dead Mule School of Southern Literature “Noise”

The Cabinet of Heed “One Boot”

Aurora Wolf “The Tale of the Gold Horn”

Night Garden Journal “The Birds Weep”

As Told by Things “Anything Nice”

Storyland “Mademoiselle Berthier”

Flashpoint Anthology (Clarendon House) “Lift Off”

Pure Slush (Lust themed edition) “Home Delivery”

Dastaan World “The Tale of the Silk Weaver”

Saddlebag Dispatches “Hannah's Daughters”

The Galway Review “Every Day Is Saturday”

Screen Door Review “Men in Boxcars”

Chronicle “Loretta Standing Bear”

Spillwords “The Sweetness of Grass”

Visitant Literary Journal “Regarding Meadowlarks”

Strangely Funny “The Gumshoe Blues”

Feed Your Monster “Lint”

The Galway Review “Lighter Than Air”

Runcible Spoon “Swimming to Kentucky”

Galaxy Anthology (Clarendon House) - “The Dissociative Effect”

Tuck Magazine “Guys and Dolls Redux”

Boned Every Which Way 2017 Anthology “Clickety Clack: A Love Story”

Storm Anthology (Clarendon House) “The Tale of the Singing Giant”

Jakob's Horror Box “The Betrothed”

Enchanted Conversation “Clyde and the Pickle Jar”

The Galway Review “Maggie's Ascension”

The World of Myth Magazine “The Tunnel Merchants”

Taxicab Magazine “The Last Guru”

Furtive Dalliance “Splendor’s Field”

Down in the Dirt Magazine “The Last Guru”

Who Writes Short Shorts “Catch and Release”

Propertius Press “A Tale of Nantucket”

Ricky's Back Yard “Love in a Microburst”

World of Myth Magazine “The Novice”

Rhetoric Askew 006 “The Devolvement”

Nude Bruce Review “The Sweetwater River Story”

Aphotic Realm “Tired”

Aphotic Realm “The Thicket”

A Thousand and One Stories “A Tree in Mecklenberg”

The Galway Review “A Hole in His Boot”

Pure Slush (Gluttony Theme) “Eaten”

The Haunted Traveler “The Sisterhood at the Edge of Eternity”

Vortex anthology (Clarendon House) “The Railroad Crossing”

Zimbell House Publishing Trail's End Anthology “Blue Flower Woman”

The Galway Review “A Girl Named Sugar”

Window Children's Stories Anthology (Clarendon House) “The Tales of Talker Knock”

Ink Pantry “Company D”

Clever Magazine “Rosalie Un-Shops”

Jete Away Anthology “Somewhere my Love”

Fictive Dream “The Morten Binken Show”

Furtive Dalliance “Splendor's Field”

QSF Impact anthology “Together, Again”

Carrier Wave Anthology (Clarendon House) “A Picnic for Granny Mary”

Terror House Magazine “Snowfall on Pine Ridge”

The Galway Review “Love and Other Injuries”

Two Sisters (Western Contest) “A Town With No Name”

Chelsea Station “The Lace Thief”

Dastaan World Magazine “Earthsong”

The World of Myth Magazine “The Sisterhood at the Edge of Eternity”

Mirror Dance “The Tale of the Costume Maker”

The Galway Review “Clara in the Moonlight”

Free Library of the Internet Void “Return to Piney Creek”

Writers Cafe Magazine “Borders”

The World of Myth Magazine “The Hostage”

Two Sisters Anthology “Paper Mache Man”

Greed Anthology “Jeb, Earl and the Gopher”

Millwork “One Town Beyond”

Qutub Minar Literary Review Magazine “The Longhorn Creek Story”

Fantasia Fairy Tales “Earthsong”

The Galway Review “Nothing and Everything”

Jakob’s Horror Box “The Farmer’s Yield”

Rhetoric Askew Children’s Rights Know No Borders Charity Anthology “The Citrus Thief”

Bull & Cross “Snake Island”

Fireburst Anthology (Clarendon House) “Broken Pieces”

Furtive Dalliance “Fever Island”

Theme of Absence “Speeding Toward Oblivion”

Fictive Dream “The Albatross”

Jakob’s Horror Box “Mr. Chan’s Novelty Shoppe”

Kingdoms in the Wild “Power Grid”

Spillwords “The Witches”

Founder’s Favourites “Rainfall”

Other People’s Flowers (podcast) “A Woman of the Arts”

CommuterLit “Daisy”

The Galway Review “The Deer Crossing”

The World of Myth “At First Sight”

The Blue Pages “The Beasts on Hummingbird Street”

Two Sisters Writing & Publishing “The Rescue”

The Galway Review “The Lepus Factor”

Empyreome “To Catch a Butterfly”

A Thousand and One Stories “Rochford”

Zimbell House November Falls anthology “The Oasis”

Aurora Wolf “The Tale of the Coral Dwellers”

Pure Slush Sloth Anthology “The Speed of Love”

Bewildering Stories “Everything Falls Apart”

Bloomberg Dark (on Youtube) “Catacombs of the Doomed”

Fear & Trembling Magazine “Bellhouse Mansion”

Dastaan World Magazine “The Remnant”

CommuterLit “The Watcher”

Rapture Anthology (Clarendon House) “Pink Moon Rising”

Altered Reality Magazine “Speeding Toward Oblivion”

Horrified Press (Lonesome Train anthology) “The Express”

The Free Library of the Internet Void “Hummingbird”

The Piker Press “Crush”

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